Why Books Make the Best Presents

In honour of my birthday this week, here is a completely scientific and legitimate list of reasons why books make the best presents…


There is a book for everyone

Seriously. There are millions of books out there in various shapes, sizes and descriptions, so there has to be at least one – if not a hundred – out there for someone to enjoy. If they say they’re not a reader, I guarantee they can be tempted by a graphic novel, a comedy, a biography or even a cheeky audiobook. So, find out what their interests are and ask your local bookseller what they would recommend!

They’re not expensive

There are complaints that books are expensive (hence the rise of evil Amazon and their cutthroat, cut prices). But guess what? One paperback book is less than a monthly Netflix or Spotify bill, a new album or any video game going and the enjoyment of a book lasts HOURS!! Maybe even YEARS if it becomes a treasured volume. Re-reading is a huge thing for a lot of people, which means there could be REPLAY VALUE too! When you think about it that way, they’re really not expensive at all.

They can be expensive if you want them to be

But what if you have a little more in your pocket than just a paperback price? Something extravagant required! Then I lead you to the limited edition hardbacks, the signed first editions, and the Vintage Specialities. These are the books that will be treasured for lifetimes, passed on from generation to generation, treated with reverence and respect. These books are a legacy. And that is a beautiful thing, beautifully bound.

They are easy to wrap

Rectangle. Or square. Four straight sides. Perfect.

They’re educational

And not just for kids! Although, that is a pretty big deal. But books can teach us so much, as well as allowing us to escape from our day-to-day lives for a few hours. Fancy science and psychology shows that readers are more empathetic, making us more likely to relate and find compassion for others. Not to get too dramatic about it, but it means we’re more likely to want to make the world a better place… we’re adorable superheroes.

There are new ones coming out all the time

Ever fear you’ve bought someone a gift they already own? Or that someone else will buy them the same thing? Or that your friend is super stylish and staying on-trend is hecka hard work?! You can always count on a bookshop to have a New Releases section, or you can chat to a bookseller about their favourites. There’s always a new book to pick up. But even if you’re unsure if the receiver of your fabulous gift will like any of the new books on display, books NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE.

It can be a shared experience

Give a friend a copy of your favourite book and you’ll have something to talk about for hours. You’ll connect on a deeper level. Your love will last a lifetime…

Unless they don’t like it. Then it will be a hotly contested debate to last a lifetime…

Fun, right?!


Those are just a few reasons why books really are the best presents. Have I missed any? Let me know down below!


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