Writing Update | March 2019

Well hello! Fancy seeing you here …

Yes, I have had a long break from blogging as there has been so much going on. Everything has slowed down while I focus on everything, but I’m hoping to be back ton track moving forward. There’s a whole new motivation to what I’m doing. And though I can’t guarantee the success, I can certainly acknowledge the effort!

This first update is actually focused on something I was going to pull more onto here, but never got around to – my writing. The most exciting part of this (and completely terrifying) is that the book I have been working on for fifteen years is starting to be sent out to agents now.

After spending so long thinking to myself that it wasn’t ready, that maybe I needed to wait a bit longer, that I might get to it eventually, I realised that I was just procrastinating – the writer’s natural state, of course.

But no more! It’s been a rough few months (years) and I am ready to pull myself out of it and pursue something that gives me so much joy and feeds me creatively and, I guess, spiritually. I know that might sound odd, but it’s the only way I can describe it.

There have been revisions, revisions, revisions, and some revisions getting the book into shape. There’s been a huge amount of research and digging and rooting around for people who may just give it a chance. There’s still a long way to go, still a lot to get through, but I am making steps forward and that feels so important to me right now. It’s a lot of hard work and there is absolutely no easy way to approach it, but so far it has been strengthening and fulfilling for myself.

Rejections are going to come, and that is going to be awful, but I am putting myself forward. I’m doing it.


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