Welcome to Adventures of a Book Reader!

My name’s Jen. After giving up full time work to pursue my love of all things Story, I’m now in my last year at uni studying Creative Writing with Publishing and I’m hoping to work in editorial out in the big wide world!

I’m here to share all the bookish love I have — and not just for the books themselves!

I’ll be delving into reviews, stuff that’s going on in the bookish world, and maybe I’ll write some essays on subjects too.

If you still haven’t gotten enough of me, there’s alsoTwitter and Instagram: @javennall / @openlitbooks. 

Still more? Well, this blog came out of the development of another project of mine over at adventuresofagirlcoder.wordpress.com, where I’m currently developing an app!

I hope you enjoy everything on offer here, and feel free to leave comments and get in touch.