Books and Tea

I am a huge tea-lover. I believe that tea – in all its shapes and forms – is the best drink out there. Versatile in flavour, style and healing properties, tea is just fab. And so are books. And they’re just as complex in their diversity too! Tea and books have always gone together, so I thought I’d have a go at matching some tea flavours to some of my favourite books.


The Lesser Bohemians with French Earl Grey

A slightly more complex blend, with sweet notes from the bergamot, and a heady softness from the lavender, French Earl Grey is perfect for an Eimear McBride novel. Intense enough to last for hours, but sensitive enough to keep you wanting more.

The Lies of Locke Lamora with Ginger Green Tea

You’ve got to have a bit of spice with this fantasy novel. The combination of the creative booster green tea leaf with the heat of ginger is exotic and exciting as you race through wild, fantastical streets. The ginger is also a nice nod to the rather fiery drink you’ll find in the book … maybe tip a little whisky in for that final kick.

The Bold as Love Cycle with Lapsang Souchong

I haven’t spoken about this series yet on the blog, but I will do because it is one of my all-time favourites. And as for Lapsang, it’s a smoked, black tea, which makes it perfect for this dark dystopian series. The scent is warm and woody for late nights around a fire, and the earthy taste is rich and sharp at the back of your throat. Add to that, its properties similar to that of a cup of coffee, it’s just what a group of counterculture rockstars need to save the world.

Jane Eyre with Darjeeling

Darjeeling has a very delicate, woody flavour, reminiscent of the open landscapes around Thornfield Hall. It’s a complex blend too, and you need to be careful with brewing, or you may end up with something that tastes quite bitter!

Neverwhere with Good English Tea

There’s nothing like a good, solid breakfast tea with a great English fantasy from Neil Gaiman. As you traverse the landscape of a very different London, you can sip away at a Builder’s Brew and feel thoroughly entertained.

The Left Hand of Darkness with Jasmine Green Tea

With a unique flavour – both strong and delicate, earthy and light – jasmine-blended green tea provides the best cup for this sci-fi masterpiece. Be transported to a whole other world and way of being with a tea that defies explanation.

Days Without End with Apple and Chamomile

A comforting blend that can turn dark and bitter if left for too long. The apple gives a lift to what can be a heavy flavour in chamomile by sweetening it. The chamomile itself is a grassy, floral taste that’ll make you think of the expansive, open spaces of the USA. To add to the earthiness of the tea, use a stick of cinnamon as a teaspoon.

The Handmaid’s Tale with Vanilla Chai

This novel deserves a tea of intense flavours that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Chai contains a lot of beautiful, twisting spices that leave a pleasant sting across the tongue. With the aromatic scent of vanilla added to the mix, you’ll be reading darkness but drinking sweet, complicated hope.


Have your own tea-book combos you want to share? Think I’m totally wrong with some of my matches? Let me know down below!

4 thoughts on “Books and Tea

  1. Love this idea. I’m a massive tea drinker and have several varieties tucked away. Tea and books do compliment one another perfectly. My favourite blends, English breakfast, Assam and Darjeeling.


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